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Memories from Borders...

When I graduated in 2009, I moved to New York without a job and spent hours in a Borders bookstore (RIP ☹️) looking at mastheads and writing down designers’ and art directors’ names from my favorite magazines. GQ was my main target but the job market that year was not great and I had to keep my options open. (The best part about this sheet of paper is that I recognize or have met several of these people since, thanks to SPD and my work in the industry.)


Unfortunately though, after reaching out to as many people as I could, I only heard back from a handful. While disappointed, I remained optimistic. I worked at DVF and Travel + Leisure before GQ became a freelance client of mine (and then a future employer!) thanks to old contacts on the marketing team. Suddenly, I felt like I was getting closer to my teenage ambition.

How did you land your dream job?

Rachel Gogel